Hearts on the Road

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Seven minutes after kissing his mother goodbye, he follows the bike down as it skids to the ground. A hit to his bare head, kills him. 

Based on a true story, Hearts on the Road takes us through the personal internal healing journey of the author herself as she dealt with the grief of tragically losing the man she loved dearly in her life as she travelled through Nepal, India, Spain and Italy.


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What readers are saying

"I cried, sad tears and happy tears. I cried with her, for her and for myself. Her story has helped me deal with my own personal similar experience. The hearts have started turning up for me now too." 


“Read Hearts on the Road in a few days. Excellent read, raw and authentic. The emotions are so real that you could easily identify and put yourself in the story. I so admire the courage to be vulnerable. It teaches me what it means to live your truth. Looking forward to the next one!”


“I just couldn't stop reading! Read it in a day! It's addictive. You have to know how it’s going to end! It’s a light read that keeps you going but at the same time brings out all the feelings you can absolutely relate too! It was amazing!”


“A book that when you start reading you cannot put down. I normally take months to finish a book. I read this in less than a week. What a brave and independent young lady. I look forward to the next chapter. Hurry up please."

“Finished it last night. What a great ending! I really enjoyed reading it and am looking forward for the next one.”


"I finished the book in three days could not put it down, the plot was skillfully written, amazing talent."


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Denise Cassar

Denise is a seasoned traveller with a love of words.

In 2016, she left her corporate job to take off to Nepal and write her debut novel, Hearts on the Road, which was published in June 2019.

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